Octopus – intellectuals of the deep sea
Octopuses are amazing creatures that are still a mystery to scientists. These creatures have always attracted the attention of scientists-oceanographers their amazing body structure and of unusual mental abilities, it…

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Objects ponds. Scaly carp. Carp naked. Carp. The silver carp. White Amur. Carp mirror. Slide 14 from the presentation "a super class of Fish" to the lessons of the surrounding…

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Treasure of Egypt – Red sea
The greatest treasure of Egypt is the Red sea. This is the fantastic beauty of the sea to attract travellers from all over the world at all times, and even…

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How to inhabit the aquarium: fish-neighbors, fish single fish predators

So, you have chosen an aquarium. set it up at home and filled with water. After about three or four days, after the water a bit crap, the time will come to settle in the aquarium — plants first, and only one week later, after the plants take root, and in the aquarium is stabilized microflora — there can be run of fish.

And it is here that beginner aquarists lies in wait for the first mistake. Suppose you have algae for the aquarium. Lit in it magnificent underwater garden, and went to choose the fish. And then it turns out that those same fish that you like — do not fit with your algae. In addition, many fish will not be able to get along with each other: fight, fight for food and even hunt each other. In addition to different fish species required different conditions: someone- more light, some less, some warmer water, cooler. A lot of nuances, and to understand them, the novice is not easy. Continue reading

The white shark or man-eater Carcharodon carcharias

Features: sturdy, rounded body spindle-shaped with relatively short, conical, and blunt snout. Small eyes. Five long Gill slits, all located in front of the pectoral fin. Spiracles tiny. Teeth: teeth similar on both jaws, wide and triangular with the cut edge. Two dorsal fins; first, large and triangular, is a place for the beginning of the pectoral fin, the second fin is much smaller and located directly in front of him, almost equal in size to the anal fin. The rear edge of the large and long, sickle-shaped pectoral fins are located under the first dorsal fin. Caudal peduncle with a single keel on each side. Caudal fin large, Crescent-shaped, the upper and lower blades are almost identical in size. Colouring: the back is often dark gray or blue-gray, sometimes with brownish hues, the underparts from pale grey to whitish, often also pure white. The ends of the fins and the lower edge of the pectoral fins are dark. On axillary parts of the pectoral fins often have black spots. Dinah; 8 m max. Continue reading

Oceans day in the Voronezh Oceanarium

Voronezh Oceanarium in cooperation with the Voronezh regional universal scientific library. I. S. Nikitin on 7 June on the eve of world oceans day held an event for schoolchildren of the city of Voronezh. It was held in the Voronezh Oceanarium next to the aquarium, populated by marine inhabitants – sharks, eels, sea turtles and piranhas.

The staff of the environmental information Centre library. Nikitin spent with the participants in a conversation about the seas and oceans of our planet, its inhabitants and most interesting facts about them. A film was shown “the Most amazing animals on planet Earth”, which refers to the unusual inhabitants of the deep sea. Then all had an entertaining quiz, devoted to the mysteries of the underwater world from Voronezh Oceanarium. Each winner of the quiz received a commemorative trophy. Continue reading

Fish for nano aquariums
Pufferfishes are generally aggressive, but this kind of lives in my community tank, including those with a fairly small gobies-brachygobius, shrimps-cherries and Amangani. I specifically put a picture here, where…


Fish pond. Types and features
Nowadays the waters, who build near or on the territory of the farms are classified into: 1. Decorative: - with plants; fish (decorative); - with fish and plants. 2. Producitive:…