Red sea
Red sea — an inland sea of the Indian ocean. located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. One of the most warm and salty seas. There are several versions of…

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Tackle box for catfish
Soma is not for nothing called a true aquatic predator of gigantic proportions – it can grow up to 5 meters in length and weigh more than 250 pounds. And…

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Egypt, a poisonous fish
bought a ticket to Egypt, began to read, a lot of deadly poisonous fish in the Red sea. We have a little girl. Now I'm afraid to swim among the…

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The white shark or man-eater Carcharodon carcharias

Features: sturdy, rounded body spindle-shaped with relatively short, conical, and blunt snout. Small eyes. Five long Gill slits, all located in front of the pectoral fin. Spiracles tiny. Teeth: teeth similar on both jaws, wide and triangular with the cut edge. Two dorsal fins; first, large and triangular, is a place for the beginning of the pectoral fin, the second fin is much smaller and located directly in front of him, almost equal in size to the anal fin. The rear edge of the large and long, sickle-shaped pectoral fins are located under the first dorsal fin. Caudal peduncle with a single keel on each side. Caudal fin large, Crescent-shaped, the upper and lower blades are almost identical in size. Colouring: the back is often dark gray or blue-gray, sometimes with brownish hues, the underparts from pale grey to whitish, often also pure white. The ends of the fins and the lower edge of the pectoral fins are dark. On axillary parts of the pectoral fins often have black spots. Dinah; 8 m max. Continue reading

Marine fish – useful properties and contraindications to the use

Fish has long been recognized as one of the most useful products. A huge amount of useful minerals and compounds essential to man are found in it. Any table, with a proper diet needs to include fish. The doctors say that the most useful has been considered to be marine fish. In the river there are not enough nutrients and she, of course, inferior to the marine life rich in taste.

The beneficial properties of marine fish:

Saltwater fish, is the champion on the content of vitamins and microelements: iodine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. The fish has a large stock of all healthy compounds. As well as all the vitamins of group B. additionally, fish contains protein, a valuable important to the body’s fully digested. In the fish meat have a lot of fatty acids that are involved in metabolic processes and to help other vitamins absorb correctly. Continue reading

Lewicki – crucians

A third of all Israeli Mediterranean catches of fish occurred in 2004, members of the family sparovek ( Sparidae ). He also owns 85% of the volume of our sea fisheries. In Russian sources the name of this collection translates “sparids”, whereas in English they are “pomfrets”. Well, why the English called these fish as bream, of course – they all have a rather high, rounded, laterally compressed body. Arched back is arched, the belly nearly straight. The similarity with freshwater bream obvious. But why carp? But in the Russian translation of the book “Wonders of the red sea” sparidae, in General, called the perch reef.

The Sparidae family contains 112 species, distributed mainly in tropical and subtropical zones of the World ocean. The Mediterranean coast of Israel is inhabited by carp species 23, in the Red sea – 12. Sparidae – a typical marine fish of different sizes: length from 30 cm to 2 m, weighing from 600 g to 100 kg. they Have delicious white meat, the fat content of which is very variable from 2 to 21%. Continue reading

The Territory Of Betta Splendens
Rooster fish or rumble fish (Siamese Cockerel) . as it is usually called in the Russian language, for his temper is one of the most beautiful of aquarium fish kept…


The Seine for catching predatory fish
For catching of predatory fish species: pike, perch, Zander, catfish, Chub, etc. recommend to use a Seine with automatic cutting. The Seine is a nylon cord of length 20. 25…