The sentient inhabitants of the deep sea in ancient times
Recently many objects in the Solar system and beyond traces the oceans, often many times the size and depths of the earth. In particular, such water spaces under the ice…

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How to inhabit the aquarium: fish-neighbors, fish single fish predators
So, you have chosen an aquarium. set it up at home and filled with water. After about three or four days, after the water a bit crap, the time will…

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Marine aquarium story
The first of the marine tanks were Venetian glass jars where the Romans kept anemones outdoors, but these systems were very short-lived. First personal marine fishkeeping began on a wider…

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Dangerous fish of the red sea

Shaab Samadai – the coral reef is large and has a horseshoe shape, the bottom is covered with algae which swim among shoals of colourful fish.

Shaab Sharm is a large mootoosamy reef with coral thickets inhabited by malabari, coral fish, barracudas. It is a large detached reef 8 km from Marsa Alam. In the lagoon are home to several families of dolphins small (only about 50). Dolphins are accustomed to divers and allow you to come closer, but without scuba gear, with mask and snorkel and only from the surface, without noise, screams and bursts, otherwise they leave. When diving saw lots of stingrays.

Dive Safari

Dive Safari – journey into the Red Sea, is an absolute diving experience. Travelling on Board the ship, you discover a remote little-known reefs and wrecks. You can dive up to four times daily, including night dives. Your equipment is always ready and waiting for you if you have a rare chance to swim with dolphins or whale sharks. Depending on the route and the type of Safari you can request to confirm the minimum number of dives or to provide a certificate advanced diver. In Egypt, some safaris are only for experienced divers, others may be suitable for divero promezhutochnogo.

Cruises depart year-round Safari from Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Safaga, Marsa Alam, Port Ghaleb, and other smaller ports.

The main routes:

North of the red Sea, with visits to the legends of divers, the Straits of Tiran and the Board, with the dives in the National Park of RAS Mohammed.

The Northern zone with the wreckage of ships, famous for its “rivers”, the ship graveyard of Abu Nuhas (Giannis D., Carnatic and Chrisoula K Kimon M) and a visit to the famous Thistlegorm. Some tours include dives on the Rosalie Muller and Dunraven.

South Marine Park, with the most colorful in the Red Sea picture of sea life, spectacular reefs of Elphinstone, Samadai, Maksur Shaab, Shaab Claude, Sataya and Saint John.

Deep South, moving to a remote and legendary Islands of rocky and Zabargad.

Brothers Islands, in the centre of the red Sea, showing deep-sea marine animals and reef fauna.

Poisonous truth Nemo: the most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea
In the clear waters of the red sea, in the coastal reefs, inhabited by the mass of multi-colored fish stuff, so these places are so fond of new divers. But…


Films about sharks
The deep blue sea, sparkling and calm turquoise water, sandy sun-kissed beaches, great weather – all of which can create a real idyll in reality and a nightmare on the…