Sakhalin: the Top of the most unusual bodies of sea creatures
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, July 4, SakhalinMedia. No wonder the island of Sakhalin, some people call one of the most mysterious places on the planet. On its territory constantly undergoing a mysterious history.…

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Long gone are the days when the hundred-kilogram catfish was considered a normal catch. In the late twentieth century desyatikilogrammovy "somenos" (A. Sabaneev) - a significant event in the life…

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The basic technology of processing of pond fish
The goals and objectives of the discipline The purpose of teaching of discipline "the basics of technology for processing of pond fish" is to acquaint students with the basics of…

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The Seine for catching predatory fish

For catching of predatory fish species: pike, perch, Zander, catfish, Chub, etc. recommend to use a Seine with automatic cutting. The Seine is a nylon cord of length 20. 25 meters ( the thickness of the cord about 2 mm ), which after 1.5. 2 meters are leashes with hooks.

All feature the Seine is to use a so-called float leash. Structurally, this element is made as follows:

– solid polyfoam cylinder is turned, the so-called float, length 70. 80 mm and diameter 15. 20 mm, drilled along the axis of the hole for the cord. The size of the opening such that the cord of the Seine was held very loosely.

– we make the leash consisting of Cordoba cord, on the end with a metal leash hook. Near the metal leash hang a small sinker for the transaction of bait in depth. On cord cord drawn through two holes of a small plastic triangle, its function of locking depth wiring the bait.

– foam float dress, rubber ring for fixation of the plastic triangle ( I use rings cut from a Bicycle inner tube folded in half ).

– firmly tie the leash cord to the foam the float and wrap the leash on the float completely.

Izgotavlivaem float number of leads by the number of seats of the Seine.

Put their saddlebags on the cord with the required spacing. Each float leash fix both sides from moving. The clamps should not hold the float, it should be easy to rotate on the axis.

The Seine is ready for use. When you install it on the pond with a plastic triangle to set the desired depth of bait fish then this triangle is fixed a rubber ring, but so that the bait could not, and the Raptor easily pulled the triangle from under the rubber ring.

The feature of fishing on the Seine is the behavior of a predator. The fish attacks the bait, always takes him across the torso. Then he went away for a short distance, begins to fix the bait so that the bait’s head was face down into the predator, for ease of ingestion. At this point, the plastic triangle is pulled out from under the rubber ring and cord the cord unwinds from the float, not holding back and not scaring the predator. Moving away a little more predator swallows the bait with hook and moving on to podscasts swallowed the hook.

All sizes and denominations of the Seine are converted on the fan, for a specific water body, type of fish etc.

Objects ponds. Scaly carp. Carp naked. Carp. The silver carp. White Amur. Carp mirror. Slide 14 from the presentation "a super class of Fish" to the lessons of the surrounding…


Marine gobies: cooking simply, but with taste
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