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Fishing for carp fishing in summer on the pond

One fine summer morning the fisherman went to the pond, where the fishing for carp. Due to the presence in the pond of grass carp and carp on monay pond has repeatedly held international tournaments carpfishing.

About the distinctive features, the specifics of catching a big fish on the feeder in the absence of currents, will talk directly with an experienced fishing, experienced angler-athlete Vitaly Ivanenko.

Seat equipment for carp fishing

Arriving at the pond, first of as always equip the place for comfortable fishing.

Because feeder fishing involves more than one hour of fishing, comfortable folding chair, this is a mandatory factor. A tripod and a chair set in such a way, that was the maximum impact when fishing for carp. That is, everything must be at hand, nothing must interfere and catch without getting up.

From accessories Fisher drew attention to a special float for the net that will always keep the net afloat.

That is, if you put the net in the water, it will not sink, will always be in ready working condition.


Proceed to the next most important steps fishing for carp, is kneading of the bait mixture. Today we are going to catch the Belgian on the bait WDE. Bait “Lake” has a high nutritional value at very low skleivaemosti the bait.This is very important in reservoirs with stagnant water. She is after falling into the water is not a ball, and instantly falls apart, which does not allow the fish to feast upon.

Bait “Expo” has a high adhesive strength, but low in nutritional value. In addition it has the color red, this allows the bait to paint the mixture as a whole.

As inexpensive fillers in the mixture will use the bait of domestic production. One of them is the optionally, the other just coarse.

In addition to the mix will certainly include hemp. A characteristic property of this product is the fact that being in the bait, it acts as a laxative for carp. therefore, activates the digestive process and the fish begins to eat more actively and more often to be caught by the angler on the hook.

Next, be sure to will include a canned corn. As required in the process, you can add maggots. Adding it is not always recommended in such reservoirs due to the high probability of approach of small fish. The number of dummy registrations of bites will increase.

See the video how to create a comfortable environment, pick up bait, tackle for carp fishing, accessories, fishing for carp has brought satisfaction and was successful.

Carp fishing with a float snap-in. Homemade bait and nozzle video

Fishing for carp float fishing in the fall video

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