Fish pond. Types and features
Nowadays the waters, who build near or on the territory of the farms are classified into: 1. Decorative: - with plants; fish (decorative); - with fish and plants. 2. Producitive:…

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Food for carp
One should distinguish between foods used for fish production in ponds and in the so-called industrial environments (fish tanks, pools) where fish are kept at the super-dense plantings (up to…

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Egypt, a poisonous fish
bought a ticket to Egypt, began to read, a lot of deadly poisonous fish in the Red sea. We have a little girl. Now I'm afraid to swim among the…

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Plants and fish for artificial pond

In order to give a natural look to any man-made pond and create optimal balance, the pond must “recover”, you will be assisted by plants and ornamental fish. We can imagine how attractive and harmoniously will be combined with the overall design style courtyard framed by the different vegetation of the pond. in which swim beautiful koi fish . Before you buy fish, you need to create to maintain proper conditions, and to avoid errors, we suggest you to study a few rules:

The level of nitrates and ammonia in water

Often the owners of land to improve land fertility of soil use all the possible chemical and organic substances. If you create a pond you have not thought through the protective layer, there is a high probability that after the first heavy rain all fertilizers will be in the water.

Fish pond is a great decoration, but before it is run into the reservoir, make sure its content has a low level of nitrates and ammonia. Otherwise, the underwater creatures will be in a constant state of stress that will eventually lead to her death.


At the planning stage worry that the pond had a protective design from waste water with chemicals;

Do not populate the pond lots of fish and do not overfeed her, and in winter premartensitic portions fifty percent;

If the ammonia level is very high, in order to normalize the use of chemical neutralizers.

For the survival of fish is vital to the optimum level of oxygen dissolved in water. With its lack of fish exposed to various diseases or even suffocation, this problem may occur in the hot season, when the increased activity level.


To increase the amount of oxygen in water is necessary to increase the aeration and install a powerful pump;

Also do not forget about clean water, this will provide pond cleaning filters.

Plants for the pond are strong biofiltration water, with their help, it is cleaned of residue from the decomposition of fish waste and saturated with oxygen. A large variety of vegetation in the pond creates the most favorable and comfortable conditions for the maintenance of underwater inhabitants.

Dangerous fish of the red sea
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