Photographing aquarium fishes: practical advice
If you have a home aquarium or are you going to go to the city aquaterrarium, then this article is for you. Pictures of aquarium fish is not easy, so…

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Lewicki – crucians
A third of all Israeli Mediterranean catches of fish occurred in 2004, members of the family sparovek ( Sparidae ). He also owns 85% of the volume of our sea…

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The Seine for catching predatory fish
For catching of predatory fish species: pike, perch, Zander, catfish, Chub, etc. recommend to use a Seine with automatic cutting. The Seine is a nylon cord of length 20. 25…

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The basic technology of processing of pond fish

The goals and objectives of the discipline

The purpose of teaching of discipline “the basics of technology for processing of pond fish” is to acquaint students with the basics of fisheries of inland water bodies and prospects of its development, the role and importance of pond fish to ensure healthy nutrition on the basis of rational technology of processing of raw materials.

Objectives of the course is the study of:

– key development trends, conditions of reproduction and the maintenance of inland waters;

– the range of products, features of production of pond fish;

– organization of control over raw materials and production process of finished products;

– analysis of the causes of defects and ways of their elimination;

– rational use of fish stocks;

– chemical composition, mass properties and ways of rational use of pond fish;

– promising technologies and approaches to expand the range.

2. Requirements to the level of learning

2.1. As a result of studying discipline the student should know:

biological, ichthyological and chemical characteristics of pond fish;

– structure and properties of tissues and organs of fish;

requirements of biological safety for the ponds and the finished product;

– technological processes for processing of pond fish, which provide products that comply with quality requirements;

– features cultivation, nutritional value, biological and mass characteristics of pond fish.

2.2. As a result of studying discipline the student should be able to:

– to compose the technological scheme for processing of pond fish with the indication of parameters of technological process;

– to determine the quality characteristics of food and biological value of the finished product;

– to determine quality characteristics of raw materials;

– to make decisions on the rational use of raw materials;

– to establish causes of defects and to develop ways of using raw materials.

3. The volume of disciplines and types of academic work

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