Dangerous fish of the red sea
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Jellied catfish
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Fishing ponds on Timiryazevskaya.
Detailed fishing report: Everything went traditionally. First published on the website the invitation with the offer to run for trout fishing, to be exact – to discover the pleasure of…

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May hunting for fish.

Watching yesterday on TV contest “Eurovision -2011”. something was seriously disappointed, a shame for the power, the sixteenth place. Did not meet Alexei Vorobyov our hopes.

And like made well. Do not vote for Russia in Europe. This morning the mood is so-so. Well, I think, have animals to feed. Hungry, waiting.

Someone who likes dogs, someone who loves cats, and in our family as Pets live fish. Today photo hunting for Japanese carp and goldfish living in the pond near the house. I want to share with You. we’ll see. The fish ran to the pond in the month of August last year. They successfully passed the winter and spring we saw the fish grown and got stronger. Well, I fed the little pigs and the mood has improved. The best way to relieve stress I Recommend.

When we approach the pond, the fish begin to fuss and swam very close. Feel. what would you like Breakfast!

These small bright red spots. which can be seen on the surface of the water and have a fish Breakfast.

All eaten instantly. Prichmoknet and grunt like pigs. And the biggest Daddy fucked two,

Each fish its name. For example fish gyulchataj, which is constantly going on all sorts of insects. digging in the stones

and constantly fighting off the team that swims always a friendly bunch.

Krupnovata name is none other than the Father, as I have already said. eating for three.

And two gold fish black and red color with Golden inclusions and a huge veiltail fins and tails ,

which they call Manya and Vanya came to Hungary all the way from Moscow. And very quickly adapted to local conditions.

And they obviously like it in the pond to splash around. especially because they like each other for quite a long.

Roly first upon arrival was stunned by the presence of new ladies. chased them both. it is clear who. but soon thought better of it,

understood. Manka what best and safely returned to the family. And was forgiven generous Mania.

All of the people.

Well. was filled with bubbles on the surface of the water, like thank you, our nurse, said.

And sailed himself on his fish business.

Fishing in the pond in August
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Latin name: Cryptocarion irritans Other names: Marine ICH Causative agent: parasite Symptoms: Ciliated unicellular organism, White or gray growths (spots), Nodules are torn when trying to separate. Clearly visible white…