Aquarium fish: how to start
I still remember how in the childhood went with his parents to the zoo. I admired all the animals and I could stand for half an hour about cells. Very…

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Fish pond. Types and features
Nowadays the waters, who build near or on the territory of the farms are classified into: 1. Decorative: - with plants; fish (decorative); - with fish and plants. 2. Producitive:…

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Pets - Aquarium fish
A pet is a dream as children and it is adults. After all, everyone wants to have a little friend to care for him and enjoy his funny antics. But…

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Objects ponds. Scaly carp. Carp naked. Carp. The silver carp. White Amur. Carp mirror.

Slide 14 from the presentation “a super class of Fish” to the lessons of the surrounding world on the theme “Fish”


a summary of other presentations about fish

“The content of the aquarium” – the Inhabitants. Plants in the aquarium perform different functions. The many differences. The aquarium is an artificial ecosystem. Insert the proper sense of the word. The ground. Appearance. Features. The characteristics of the ecosystem. The aquarium is an ecosystem. Lighting. Ecosystem components.

“Fishing” – On the lower level to install a pan with water. How to cook? About yourself. Preheat the oven to 190-200 deg. Fish clean, marinate in a mixture: salt, pepper, seasoning for fish. What is grayling. Leave to marinate at least 12 hours. Fishing. And the sandwich is ready. The author. Bars to put on the middle shelf of the oven.

“Species of fish” Fish of the coral reefs. The pelagic. Gobies. Color. Ecological groups of fish. Acne. Sudak. Classification of aquatic habitat. Fish of the pelagic zone. Stingrays. Seahorses. Features of the structure. Morays. Litoral. Flying fish. Fish littoral. Deep-sea fish. Bottom fish. Fish groups.

“Newclassname” – Rare fish of the Tula region. The reduction of fish resources and their conservation. Objects ponds. Aquarium fish farming. Parrot fish. Objectives of the lesson. Kimovsk fish farm. Aquarium fish. A. T. Bolotov – founder of the ponds in Russia. Commercial and aesthetic value of fish. A valuable food product.

“Amazing underwater world” – a Fish – urchin. This amazing underwater world. The team prepared for the dive. Fish-butterfly. Team submarine. The clown fish. The bathyscaphe is a special deep-diving vehicle. Submarine. Fish little red riding hood. In the morning the sun woke up, sweet-sweet stretched. Diving suits. Offer to watch the fish that you most like.

“The aquarium is an artificial ecosystem” – the ecosystem Components. Algae. One of ordinary inhabitants of the aquarium you know. The ground. Lamp. Fish. A small artificial ecosystem. The lake. Why an aquarium is called an artificial ecosystem. Snail. Swamp. Aquarium. Forest. Meadow. Soil. Light.

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Latin name: Cryptocarion irritans Other names: Marine ICH Causative agent: parasite Symptoms: Ciliated unicellular organism, White or gray growths (spots), Nodules are torn when trying to separate. Clearly visible white…


Marine fish - useful properties and contraindications to the use
Fish has long been recognized as one of the most useful products. A huge amount of useful minerals and compounds essential to man are found in it. Any table, with…