The white shark or man-eater Carcharodon carcharias
Features: sturdy, rounded body spindle-shaped with relatively short, conical, and blunt snout. Small eyes. Five long Gill slits, all located in front of the pectoral fin. Spiracles tiny. Teeth: teeth…

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The Territory Of Betta Splendens
Rooster fish or rumble fish (Siamese Cockerel) . as it is usually called in the Russian language, for his temper is one of the most beautiful of aquarium fish kept…

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Perch – predatory fish
This is a very interesting and extremely ancient type of fish (his ancestors appeared on Earth in the upper Cretaceous period) found in almost all water bodies of Ukraine. And…

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Types of aquarium catfish

For their love?

Catfish is perhaps the most popular residents of aquariums. They make even novice aquarists, as these fish are very easy to obtain, and the content is relatively simple. Catfish sold in almost all pet stores, and they are often found on the markets. In addition to the availability of catfish you clean the aquarium, picking up from the bottom that is not eaten by other fish. However, they often rise from the bottom dregs, but the owner usually forgives them. For the catfish relatively easy to care for. What should be paid attention in the first place – so it is a good filter. Catfish just love to mess around in the sand so that the debris in the lower layer of water is always in short supply. Be aware that these fish like cover, so the bottom must be the thickets, rocks, upside-down flower pots with holes. Better if each moustached inhabitant of the aquarium will be your house, then you will be able to avoid conflicts.

The only catfish that almost no burrows in the sand – glass, he lives in the middle water layer

How do they live?

Some catfish are active during the day, others are nocturnal. Among them is such which in the wild grow to a fair size. As a rule, are predators. In the aquarium they usually do not grow very rapidly,as space is limited. But there are still predators, so before you allocate them other fish, you should thoroughly consider. Small fish – not the best neighbors. Most catfish spawn. Fry them quite large, to bring up them easily.

Among the aquarium catfish have poisonous melkogalechnyj. Got spikes. The injection is unpleasant, although not deadly

Group of somtow room aquarium Oh you can find such catfish as

Perhaps more likely in aquariums are alexisi. Especially popular Alexis belopyatnisty. This fish is medium in size, grows up to 10 cm of aquarium fish Among Alexis belopyatnisty – a real survivor. If it is cared for properly, he would live to be 15 years and up to 17. Actually Alexis usually behaves quite peacefully, but he needs a large aquarium of 100 liters. Note on the ground. Best coarse river sand. Amiss and artificial soil. The main thing is that he was coarse. This fish prefers live food but can be fed and dry.

Aquarium fish: how to start
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Sakhalin: the Top of the most unusual bodies of sea creatures
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, July 4, SakhalinMedia. No wonder the island of Sakhalin, some people call one of the most mysterious places on the planet. On its territory constantly undergoing a mysterious history.…