Jellied catfish
Fish in aspic – a dish that is perfectly refreshing in the heat and perfect for the holiday feast. For priming it is better to use such kinds of fish…

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The Territory Of Betta Splendens
Rooster fish or rumble fish (Siamese Cockerel) . as it is usually called in the Russian language, for his temper is one of the most beautiful of aquarium fish kept…

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Fishing in the pond in August
The success of catching fish in the pond in August would depend on which pond you are going to catch. And what kind of fish you have planned. The ponds…

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Tips for fish

Fishing for redfish is one of the most common. However, this fish is quite voracious in order to catch it, you have to know several rules and tips.

What you need to know in the first place?

In April and may this fish is best. It was at this point more likely to catch it. Bass is kept in the pack, so that where one fish is caught, will get another.

The best time for fishing in this case – this morning. This morning the fish are particularly hungry and voracious. This is the time of day they bite, and the fisherman effortlessly can catch the big one.

The best bait for perch is worms, leeches, and even inside animals. Baits of plant origin will not bring results, because he does not bite.

What to catch perch?

Perch caught on a variety of gear, here there are no restrictions. It can be as artificial bait, type of lures and silicone, and organic – worms or whitebait, which can be kept in a special aquarium. By the way, if you need aquarium maintenance. you can contact the experts from aquafamily.

If the fish is hungry, the catch will be decent enough, and the fisherman will come home with lots of catch. You need to be prepared that perch to moilliet the whole day.

Fishermen should also be prepared for the fact that the perch appears suddenly and begins to bite instantly. The main thing – do not miss this time and catch fish.

Most of the bass lives near the reeds and water lilies. It is easy to find in weedy places. Near steep banks this fish is also easy to find. If the day is Sunny and the water is clear, you can see a flock of bass that prey on fry, fascinating spectacle.

Tricks that you need to know

In the evening, as a rule, this fish is impossible to catch. The best time, it’s still morning, and many experienced fishermen agree. By the way, because the fishing often takes place in the daytime, many parents take their children with them .

Bait for bass will need a lot. Better how to stock it, otherwise you can not see how it will end.

We have listed tips will help to catch many fish. Even a novice fisherman will cope with these tips. Moreover, they are simple to perform.

Goldfish from Silver pond
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