Lewicki – crucians
A third of all Israeli Mediterranean catches of fish occurred in 2004, members of the family sparovek ( Sparidae ). He also owns 85% of the volume of our sea…

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Aquarium fish: how to start
I still remember how in the childhood went with his parents to the zoo. I admired all the animals and I could stand for half an hour about cells. Very…

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Predatory fish
Scientists have noticed-farmers: it is very big losses from predators are produced at the will of the small Pets of rybhoznaya. What is it? Began to experiment. In a bath…

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Fish for nano aquariums

Pufferfishes are generally aggressive, but this kind of lives in my community tank, including those with a fairly small gobies-brachygobius, shrimps-cherries and Amangani. I specifically put a picture here, where they are sealed together. This fish for fans to watch. With a very interesting behavior. Her eyes are like a chameleon is able to rotate independently of each other. All pufferfishes I love snails, so shellfish you want to include in their diet at least sometimes. There is evidence that snail meat contains high amounts of magnesium needed by the pufferfishes. This attachment can be used in excessive breeding of molluscs. Pufferfishes are able to cope with this task quickly enough. The movement of these fish resembles the flutter of the butterfly, and hooked the hook the tail is difficult to compare with anything.

Gobies-brachygobius. (Brachygobius xanthozona)

Unusual fish with unique behavior. It is better to keep separate from others or to keep up with non-competitor for forage species. Gobies are harmless and kind of slow in the production of food. Prefer live, moving food.


Brigitte Rasbora(Boraras brigittae)

Unitelma of Rasbora, Brigitte Rasbora is also called the fireflies or hummingbirds. It’s one of the small species of Rasbora. They are well kept flock. Ideal for small aquariums.

Rasbora galaxy and erythromicron bright, attracting the attention of fish. In monoculture a small amount is enough so they multiply by self-seeding. For spawning, it is desirable to have in the aquarium the plot thickets of small plants that are always in our nano-aquariums .

Otocinclus. (Otocinclus affinis)

This catfish perfectly cleans the walls of the aquarium from algae.

Dwarf tetras hiding.

Corydoras pygmy. (Corydoras pygmaeus),

These species can be attributed to the small species of tetras hiding. Despite the fact that catfish love to dig in the soil, these species will not harm even nutritional grounds. Pygmies live in my tank with Amazonia soil. More to stay at the bottom. Hastatus schooling fish, often out in the water column and travel through the aquarium. Pygmies and habrosus now easier to find on sale. Hastatus view, while more rare in Russia.

Octopus – intellectuals of the deep sea
Octopuses are amazing creatures that are still a mystery to scientists. These creatures have always attracted the attention of scientists-oceanographers their amazing body structure and of unusual mental abilities, it…


Tackle box for catfish
Soma is not for nothing called a true aquatic predator of gigantic proportions – it can grow up to 5 meters in length and weigh more than 250 pounds. And…