Aquarium fish: how to start
I still remember how in the childhood went with his parents to the zoo. I admired all the animals and I could stand for half an hour about cells. Very…

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Pond fish farming
To highly productive fishing industry is part of pond fish farming. Pond fish farming is based on the breeding and rearing of fish under the guidance of a person. The…

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Objects ponds. Scaly carp. Carp naked. Carp. The silver carp. White Amur. Carp mirror. Slide 14 from the presentation "a super class of Fish" to the lessons of the surrounding…

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Photographing aquarium fishes: practical advice

If you have a home aquarium or are you going to go to the city aquaterrarium, then this article is for you. Pictures of aquarium fish is not easy, so before you take on the camera, read these tips for taking pictures of aquarium fish .

1. Photographic equipment

SLR camera makes it much easier photographing the inhabitants of the aquarium. But if they have “soap tray”, it does not matter. The main thing is that you know how to use your camera and know all its features. The in-camera creative modes, like macro photography and shooting movable objects is desirable.

If you are a happy owner of a SLR camera with “kit” zoom lens, you will be much easier to “catch the shot” tossing fish in the aquarium, even without the flash.

The tripod should only be used in the home environment. In the aquaterrarium, the tripod will get in the way not only you but also to others. In this case, just hold the camera correctly: one hand holds the “carcass” of the camera, and the other holds the lens.

2. Camera setup

We cannot rely on automatic shooting mode. It can let you down more than once. Try to shoot in manual mode (M). Here we can leganesiloilo the camera at the result that we need. Setting the aperture to maximum opening (e.g., a standard 5.6 or 4), you need to choose the right shutter speed. Moving objects do not take pictures on long exposures, because the frame may be smeared. In a well-lit aquarium will approach 130 shutter speed – 1/60.

Photographing the fish in the “Sports”

Now, about the focus. At what focal length photographing fish – you decide, because it depends on the capabilities of your camera. Some cameras well focus on the subject from further away, others must come into contact with the glass of the aquarium, to focus on the fish. But many modern cameras (especially SLR) fitted with a good autofocus. “To direct their orders” the focus is as follows: press the shutter button, but only half to a characteristic sound indicating that the camera is ready to shoot, and then fully press it. When you do this, make sure that the camera “caught” your main object in focus.

Long gone are the days when the hundred-kilogram catfish was considered a normal catch. In the late twentieth century desyatikilogrammovy "somenos" (A. Sabaneev) - a significant event in the life…


Lewicki – crucians
A third of all Israeli Mediterranean catches of fish occurred in 2004, members of the family sparovek ( Sparidae ). He also owns 85% of the volume of our sea…