Types of aquarium catfish
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Photographing aquarium fishes: practical advice
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Garden ponds
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Fishing ponds on Timiryazevskaya.

Detailed fishing report:

Everything went traditionally. First published on the website the invitation with the offer to run for trout fishing, to be exact – to discover the pleasure of fighting powerful fish. In addition, to catch this fish for consumption in the future.

While going on a fishing trip, a couple of times got stuck. For these cases I have in stock winch on the Field production Comeupwinch. So there were no problems. To the pond we came about eight o’clock in the morning, around it was still dark, despite this large number of fishing enthusiasts gathered at the river and the lanterns attached to his forehead and tried to catch the trout paste.

And so I began to disassemble our gear. The morning bite was excellent. Active trout was conducted on sakalowski Cebeci and acid colello.

It just so happened that they drank, ate and we ate by turns, the fish just were not allowed to distance themselves from the pond too far, and indeed, the only thing that seemed to catch! Even to the point that many of us like the fishing was not to his liking, and then went in the course of the experiments.

They were not aimed at a positive result, rather – we had the opposite outcome. Intends to set bait, which, on idea, should frighten off the fish, but today was not that day.She took everything she gave.

About eleven o’clock, to peck at the fish became not as active, and all former crush began to fade, and after noon there is not a trace. For such cases to perfectly fit catchability bait.

Wobbler Jackall Chubby

From this moment started fishing, where it was necessary to persuade the fish to get caught on the hook.

After lunch time, you have become the leaders of fishermen who were caught fishing. In the early days they watched our progress, and at this time everything was the opposite. In turn, we decided to go in search of more profitable locations in other ponds, however, the success we achieve has failed.

Thus, a decent bite appeared only about two hours, he would have continued, but most of us decided to leave this wonderful place and we began to gather. Handed over the voucher, got smoked fish, of course, stood for treasure and rushed back home.

Now, if someone wants to say that it’s unnatural, I say this:

– This also has its own charm. Such activity brings a huge amount of happiness and joy, the fish is top class, the prices are not as high. After similar journeys, my mood just flies in the clouds with happiness.

The results of the fishing and tips:

Objects ponds. Scaly carp. Carp naked. Carp. The silver carp. White Amur. Carp mirror. Slide 14 from the presentation "a super class of Fish" to the lessons of the surrounding…


Catfish - aquarium residents
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