Perch – predatory fish
This is a very interesting and extremely ancient type of fish (his ancestors appeared on Earth in the upper Cretaceous period) found in almost all water bodies of Ukraine. And…

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Dangerous fish of the red sea
Shaab Samadai - the coral reef is large and has a horseshoe shape, the bottom is covered with algae which swim among shoals of colourful fish. Shaab Sharm is a…

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Fishing ponds on Timiryazevskaya.
Detailed fishing report: Everything went traditionally. First published on the website the invitation with the offer to run for trout fishing, to be exact – to discover the pleasure of…

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Red sea

Red sea — an inland sea of the Indian ocean. located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. One of the most warm and salty seas.

There are several versions of the origin of the name red sea. According to one version the name of the sea comes from the part of the world. In the mythical legends of many peoples of the world the cardinal directions are associated with specific colors. For example, red – South, white — East, white — North. Therefore, the word “red” indicates the location of the South sea, and not on the color of sea water.

The red sea washes the shores of the States of Egypt. Sudan. Djibouti. Eritrea. Saudi Arabia. Yemen. Of Israel and Jordan.

The area of the red sea, equal to 450 thousand kilometers.

The red sea is that it does not no river flows. and rivers bring silt and sand. significantly reducing the transparency of sea water. Therefore, the water in the Red sea crystal clear.

Strong evaporation of warm water has turned the Red sea into one of the most salty in the world.

The climate on the red sea coast is warm and dry, the air temperature in the coldest period (December-January) in the afternoon is 20-25 degrees and in the hottest month — August, exceeds 35-40 degrees and sometimes reaches 50 degrees. Due to the hot climate off the coast of Egypt water temperature even in winter does not fall below +20 degrees and in summer reaches +27.

The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna of the Red sea has no equal in the Northern hemisphere. This tropical sea has a rich marine life, therefore there is very common scuba diving (diving).

Stretching along the Egyptian coast coral reefs are a kind of vital center, which attracts many fish. Corals can be round, flat, branched, and have other fantastic shapes and colors — from pale yellow and pink to brown and blue. According to the Egyptian laws coral colony to destroy it is impossible.

In the Red sea are widely distributed bottlenose dolphins, various species of striped Dolphin and killer whale. Live on the seafloor sea cucumbers. It is home to sharks, they have chosen for themselves the coast of Sudan. Morays. adapted to life on the reefs, can reach 3 meters in length and have a pretty awesome view. Here you can find and fish-Napoleon earned its name because of a characteristic protrusion on the head that resembles a hat the French Emperor. Remarkable bright colors angelfish and butterfly fish, clown fish and the Sultan. Black-spotted cat shark

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