The Territory Of Betta Splendens
Rooster fish or rumble fish (Siamese Cockerel) . as it is usually called in the Russian language, for his temper is one of the most beautiful of aquarium fish kept…

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5 most popular recipe of baked fish
INGREDIENTS: fillet of white fish (catfish, pelengas, Hyuk) — 700 g lemon (preferably ripe) — 1 piece flour (wheat) — 55 mg sour cream (15%) or cream — 200 gr…

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May hunting for fish.
Watching yesterday on TV contest "Eurovision -2011". something was seriously disappointed, a shame for the power, the sixteenth place. Did not meet Alexei Vorobyov our hopes. And like made well.…

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Poisonous truth Nemo: the most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea

In the clear waters of the red sea, in the coastal reefs, inhabited by the mass of multi-colored fish stuff, so these places are so fond of new divers. But some of the most attractive inhabitants of coral reefs deadly

Clownfish, or orange amphiprion

This edition percula

Known for their symbiosis with poisonous Actinia, and that “starred” in the movie “finding Nemo”. All the young specimens of this fish — the males, however, during the life of the fish changes sex. The impetus for gender reassignment in male — death female. By itself, amphiprion not dangerous, but to his house-sea anemones not to touch you, in any case.

Hipopotasemia sea urchin

Asthenosoma varium

In the Red sea is home to many species of sea urchins, and better not to deal with any of them. This ends the short red needles covered with tiny white bubbles filled with poison.

Prickly arothron

Arothron hispidus

From the family of Blowfish. Lives at the bottom, leads a lonely life, strictly guarding its territory. In the Red sea 11 species of Blowfish. Their famous relative, also the Blowfish — fugu (Takifugu takifugu) . this fish is sometimes eaten in Japan the fans to tickle your nerves(it is prepared in a special way to reduce the concentration of the poison). Almost all puffers are poisonous, their insides contain a strong poison of tetrodoxin.

Lionfish, aka lionfish

the genus Pterois

Weighs up to a kilo. Despite the name, can not fly. In the beautiful fins, a sort of hive stands over the body of the fish, sharp needle. The injection causes severe pain, then this can be followed by convulsions and disruptions in heart beat.

Blue surgeon

Paracanthurus hepatus

A distinctive feature of the fish-surgeons is a sharp spike located at the base of the caudal fin. Blue surgeon (the forgetful fish Dory) — another hero of the animated film “finding Nemo”.

The crown of thorns

Acanthaster planci

The only known venomous starfish on the planet; in the Red sea quite a lot of them. However, a minimum of caution, the star at all desire will not be able to catch up with its usual speed of about 10 centimeters per minute, in emergency circumstances, until 30.

Fish-stone, or verrucosa

Synanceia verrucosa

Record for camouflage, mimics stone. Considered one of the most poisonous fish in the world, from her prick of a man can die after a couple of hours.

The Indo-Pacific electric ray

Torpedo panthera

Up to a metre long, shot power current — up to several tens of volts. Stingrays are viviparous fish; the embryos only hatch from eggs in the uterus, but there are supplied with nutrients from the mother’s body (which the other fish do not happens).

Latin name: Cryptocarion irritans Other names: Marine ICH Causative agent: parasite Symptoms: Ciliated unicellular organism, White or gray growths (spots), Nodules are torn when trying to separate. Clearly visible white…


Pets - Aquarium fish
A pet is a dream as children and it is adults. After all, everyone wants to have a little friend to care for him and enjoy his funny antics. But…