Red sea
Red sea — an inland sea of the Indian ocean. located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. One of the most warm and salty seas. There are several versions of…

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Goldfish from Silver pond
For many centuries, in huts and clay hovels huddled here Vyatichi. Only in 964 their conquering Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich. The land was included in the Principality of Chernigov, Ryazan, and…

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Aquarium fish, care for them.
For those who only understand the basics of fishkeeping to be useful information about how to choose and properly contain aquarium fish and how to care for them. By following…

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Jellied catfish

Fish in aspic – a dish that is perfectly refreshing in the heat and perfect for the holiday feast. For priming it is better to use such kinds of fish as pike, carp, sturgeon, cod, catfish. Today let’s talk about aspic from soma. This river fish has little bones and very soft and tasty fillet. This makes it a universal product that is suitable for the preparation of any fish, including priming.

Jellied catfish: the recipe

In soma quite a bit of natural gelling substances, so without gelatin can not do. It is better to use gelatin in the granules and not in the plates.

Products that need:

som – 1 kg;

onion – 1 piece;

pure water 1 l;

carrot – 1 PC.;

roots (parsnips, celery, parsley) – 1 PCs.;

gelatin in granules – 50 g;

the Bay leaf – 2-3 things;

a little salt and pepper.


The process of cooking fish in aspic is not very complicated. To start prepare the fish. My carcass, cut the belly and take out the inside, culinary scissors cut away all the fins, cut off the head and tail fin. Carcass re-rinsed and cut into pieces, carefully remove all the bones.

The head and tail are placed in the pan, pour it with cold water and bring to the boil. As talkobelle starts to boil, remove all the foam formed.

The roots and carrots peel, wash and cut into medium pieces. The vegetables added to the pot with fish stock, season with salt and pepper, put the Bay leaf and cook for another 20 minutes. If in the process of boiling bubbling, be sure to remove it.

After that, take out the giblets from the broth, place the fish fillets, reduce the heat and cook until tender last. It is very important not to overcook the fish, to prevent it out of shape. Otherwise, the broth will become turbid, and fish in aspic will not look very appetizing. Ready-made pieces of catfish take out with a slotted spoon to a dish.

Filter the broth through cheesecloth into several layers and mixing it with pre-soaked gelatin. Return the broth to the fire and bringing it to a boil, immediately remove. Gelatin can not be boiled or it will lose its gelling properties.

In portions molds or one big dish lay the fish pieces, figure on top decorate with chopped cups carrot, leaves of parsley or cilantro. For decoration also suitable green peas, boiled eggs and etc. the Contents of the form carefully pour the broth and put in the fridge for a few hours. After hardening of the jelly you can eat. Bon appetit!

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