Marine aquarium story
The first of the marine tanks were Venetian glass jars where the Romans kept anemones outdoors, but these systems were very short-lived. First personal marine fishkeeping began on a wider…

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Catfish - aquarium residents
About two thousand species of catfish inhabit the fresh water of the world. This is one of the most ancient fishes of the planet, their fossil remains discovered in sediments…

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Marine aquarium at home
A real "slice" of the underwater world in your home wish to have the most people. It is very popular saltwater aquarium, because marine fish are much brighter and prettier…

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The Territory Of Betta Splendens

Rooster fish or rumble fish (Siamese Cockerel) . as it is usually called in the Russian language, for his temper is one of the most beautiful of aquarium fish kept in freshwater aquariums. This aquarium fish is the subject of the website. Here you will find all the information You need about the fish is a male. For beginners accessible language describes the content of cockerels and preparing the aquarium for more experienced aquarists information on the breeding males. as for the pros – reveals the secrets of genetics and breeding, the exchange of producers and also have the opportunity to sell their own fish breeding in good, caring hands. Each participant can tell about his fish-Petushki on the personal blog, ask a question about fish Cockerel on the forum and get a quick response. If Your rooster is sick, the forum will help You, make a diagnosis and recommend treatment. On the website descriptions of the diseases of aquarium fish, which are most susceptible to fish-males. There is also a list of essential drugs for the treatment of aquarium fish in freshwater aquarium. In our album and on the site are pictures of the most beautiful specimens of the males. The table sometimesimon to determine which fish can be kept in one aquarium together with a Cockerel Betta Splendens. Also you will learn how to customize the aquarium walls to keep several males in one aquarium. What aquarium plants are best suited for aquariums with a Cockerel. How to properly care for an aquarium and much more.


Synonyms: rumble fish, Siamese Cockerel

Order: Perciformes – Perciformes

Suborder: Anabantoidei

Family: Osphronemidae

Subfamily: Macropodusinae

Genus: Betta

Views: Cockerel – Betta Splendens (Regan, 1909)

The habitat of the Betta Splendens – mainland South East Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and part of Vietnam. They live in stagnant waters – ditches, temporary ponds, rice fields.

The content of fish feed in the aquarium does not require much skills and knowledge in the aquarium, fish for the beginner aquarist. Contain the males in a small aquarium, it is desirable to have a tank of 3 liters. The presence of the filter in the aquarium is welcome.

Optimum temperature is 25-28 degrees, dGH 5-15°, pH 6-8

To feed males can and should be varied feed: alive – crank. Tubifex. Daphnia, Cyclops, and ice cream and dry.

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