Latin name: Cryptocarion irritans Other names: Marine ICH Causative agent: parasite Symptoms: Ciliated unicellular organism, White or gray growths (spots), Nodules are torn when trying to separate. Clearly visible white…

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Objects ponds. Scaly carp. Carp naked. Carp. The silver carp. White Amur. Carp mirror. Slide 14 from the presentation "a super class of Fish" to the lessons of the surrounding…

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Relocation of aquarium fish in the pond
It all started with the fact that I had a broken fire acrylic bathtub, corner shape, the depth of nearly 60 inches and a capacity of 300 liters. After not…

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Fish pond. Types and features

Nowadays the waters, who build near or on the territory of the farms are classified into:

1. Decorative:

– with plants;

fish (decorative);

– with fish and plants.

2. Producitive:

– ornamental fish;

– fish of different kinds;

– non-decorative fish.

3. Combo:

– a reservoir with a septum, which divides the pond as it were into two. In the first live ornamental fish, while in the second the wild.

– cascade of individual ponds, linked by streams or waterfalls.

4. Pond fishing (wild fish and wild plants).

Ornamental pond (how to make a lake on the site)

The shape of the pond: the correct (formal) and illegal (informal). Formal ponds inherit, usually geometric shapes. Such ponds can be seen in city parks and squares. Informal typical of the culture of Japan and China. The idea of these water bodies is to get as close to mother nature. Nothing must show that the pond created by man.

Near the pond can be a gazebo, benches, bridges, moorings or platforms. In the pond — fountains, waterfalls and streams. The king of this pond is considered Japanese carp koi. In addition, there are decorative yahzee (orfy), tench and many varieties of ornamental carp,some species of sturgeon. Plants: coastal, submerged, air-water and floating.


– required filtration system and water treatment plants;

– water should be clear ;

– you must feed the fish and other wildlife;

– needs constant care.

Combined pond

Form — any. The first part corresponds to the decorative, and the second one is for fishing. The fish in the first part of the decorative, and the second can be: catfish, pike, Zander, perch, crucian carp, carp, sturgeon, paddlefish, river eel, etc. the Plants are the same as in decorative, but there is a difference in fishing. Here are planted a minimum of floating and submerged plants.

Producitivy pond

Form of different, but preferably without direct and sharp corners. In the pond there may be snags, stumps and other hiding places for the fish. Near the pond, benches, a gazebo, trees (the fishing place), platforms, streams and waterfalls. The fish listed above or other, also decorative.

Plants riparian, marsh and floating leaf.

Features of the pond:

– opaque water;

– minimum of care;

– feeding;

– the lack of filtration system.

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