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What kind of fish to breed in the pond

My neighbor in garden society past hot summers pull their socks up and dug the pond. Homemade pond out not to be very big, but fully sufficient for bathing. However, they didn’t stop there – the neighbor decided to engage seriously in

fish, although not in the County was known as a zealous fisherman. Somewhere brought a few pieces fairly large instances and ran them into the pond.

Carp are the most numerous

A day later all of my neighbor’s fish was floating belly up. But the hunt was worse than slavery….

I’m sure many of you know, what fish and how best to breed in our man-made bodies of water?

Water menu

Before you colonize a pond, you must determine how many fish can be run in each individual pond. It should be remembered that the fish in the water will always find a certain amount of food but on natural feed it lots of meat will not fatten. To have more fish with a small water area, you have to feed him. Then in stagnant ponds per square meter can be 0.3 – 0.5 kg weight gain. And if, moreover, to saturate the water with oxygen, that is to use aeration to carry out the exchange of water and other land reclamation activities, it is possible to collect much more and “harvest”. If you have the means and the number of fish is small, it can be purchased complete feeds, but they are relatively expensive.

Kombikormovii in 2 – 3 times, at the same time, they must contain the required set of nutrients, for example for carp: crude protein – not less than 23% fat and 3.5%, phosphorus 0.7%, and a fiber – not more than 9%.

Feed for fish must be fresh and benign. Store them in a dry, well-ventilated areas. Feed fish 1 to 2 times a day at the same time, daily checking the quantity of food eaten. At water temperatures below 10 – 12 degrees the fish do not feed or give her food of animal origin.

If the family budget does not allow to use specialized feed, feed mixtures can be prepared at home by yourself. To do this, use all sorts of Makukha and shroti, waste of legumes (beans, peas, soya, Lupin), animal feed (fish, blood, meat and bone meal, dried poultry, meat, shellfish, silkworm pupa, etc.). And waste cereals, milling industry (flour dust, bran), food residues and other fodder of vegetable and animal origin, which contain proteins (proteins), fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Goldfish from Silver pond
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